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Organise your cruise

Organise your cruise

To organise your cruise you would ideally follow the steps below

Book your boat

The choice of your boat considering your tastes and your needs is important. It is useless to rent a too big boat if you are only a few, the best is to chose the one with the proper amount of cabins, with exactly the number of berths necessary for everyone. If you consider let someone sleep in the saloon, we would instead suggest a boat a little bit bigger.
Performances and equipment counts a lot. Would you like to sail faster and spend less time in chanels or do you prefer to sail slower but have more comfort and space onboard. We are here to help you in your choice

Organise your flight

Depending the period in the year, the price of flight tickets to Martinique is subject to big variations. It is preferable to book your flight as earliest as possible. At Autremer Concept, departs and returns are not necesseraly from saturday to saturday following our availabilities

Prepare your passports

If you wish to cruise to the Grenadines, St-Lucia or Dominica for exemple, it is important that every crew member bring his own passport to do the customs facilities in these islands wich are independant states. The captain will have to clear out from Martinique in harbour office the a clear in and out in every different visited countries. For a cruise to the Grenadines for exemple, the most usual is to do a clear in and out in St-Lucia, then a clear in in Bequia with clear out few days later, then an other clear in and out in St-Lucia, then final clearance back in Martinique.

The rule is that you have to clear in at the moment you go ashore. if you drop the anchor to sleep and go in the morning, you don't have to clear in/out. If you put one feet on the beach you have to clear in.


Plan to bring foldable lugges, much easier to stock in the boat

You don't need to bring any kind of linen, only your beach towel.

Bring, hat, sun cream, bath suite, sport shoes and one sweet shirt because even if the weather is warm, it could get colder at night because of the wind.

Plan your approvisioning

The food is one of the most important thing in your charter. You will need to plan what you will eat for 7, 10 or 14 days at see. You can find nearly everything in Martinique but not in the other island where you can only find easily fruits and fishes.

Our advise would be to make a list of dishes and to conclude the quantity considering the number of passengers. Once done you only have to make you grocery list. You will have a better control on your budget, earn some time and avoid some worries. There are 3 supermarkets in Le Marin, some very close to the Marina, others offering shuttle there and go. You may also order your approvisioning from the company appro zagaya . There is also a small shop just in front of the dock for last minutes buys.

To get to the Marina

The airport is located 40 minutes driving from the Marina. There are two ways to get to Le Marin, take a taxi or rent a care.
The price of the taxi is 70 euros from 1 to 5 passengers then 13 euros per additional pax until you reach 9 persons, if you are more you will need an other taxi. We can order it for you so the driver will wait for you at the exit of the terminal. You will be droped at our office directly.

Rent a car is also possible, the price is often lower than a taxi but you will need some time to get it delivered to you. You will have the possibility to use the car for the groceries.

Briefing of the boat

The briefing will take place the morning after your arrival from 8h15. Thibaut or Edwin will explain to you the boat and its equipement, he will also make sure with you that the inventory is complete so you will miss no equipment. This time will allow you to ask all of your remaining questions about the boat and your destinations. Count 2 hours for briefing.

The cruise

To plan your itinary, you could go to 'destination' on our website. Some book will help you find the best places to visit and gives nice advices. For exemple you may read the Jacque Patuelli's Carribean guidebook.


The desembarking in Le Marin will be the last day at 10 am. Plan to anchor at proximity of Le Marin the last night, we suggest St-Anne wich is close and nice.