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The Grenadines

The Grenadines

From Martinique, The Grenadines are the destination to go !
10 jours


Day 1

18 hours sailing from Martinique, they are the bes place to go for the lovers of lovely moorings.
The are dozens of small islands scattered in a very small area, offering a lot of interest for the boaters.


Reaching St-Lucia from le Marin, the crew can choose to stop at Rodney Bay with it's charming marina or the Pirate harbour Marigot Bay

Customs and many restaurants in both places.

Day 2

Sainte-Lucia -> Bequia

Although the biggest part of this part is sailing leeward St-Lucia and St-Vincent, this is the longest sailing part as it includes the crossing of St-Vincent channel and the small Bequia channel.
In Port Elisabeth, bequia, the crew will do the entrance clearance to the Grenadines. In town, you will discover a nice village with shops and restaurant as well as diving centers. 


Day 3

It's time to discover the heart of the Grenadines. Mayreau offers a paradisiacal anchorage protected from the wind, a few yard of a typical caribbean beach. From Salt withle bay you can walk to a picturesque only village in the island where leave fishermen and their family at the rythm of the west indies..

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7

From Mayreau you will sail to the Tobago Cayes lagoon, settled between severals small islands. You could go scuba diving and find the many turttles leaving there or dive next to the coral reef protecting the lagoon.

Petit Saint-Vincent is a charming island with a nice mooring. In front of it, Petite Martinique offers the possibility to refil the water tank with an easy access at a dock.

Union is one of the biggest island of the Grenadines, with a town of around 1500 inhabitants, a restaurant/hotel, an airstrip with flights to/from Martinique.

Several anchorages alow access to the town, Cliffton, Fregate and Chattam Bay. The last one is a surprinsingly discret anchorage that not so many sailors are aware of and is in front of a lovely beach.



You also have the choice to stay at Palm Island, In front of Cliffton village,a little bit farther away, offering a nice lagoon for  nice scuba diving sessions.

The afternoon of the 7th day is the ideal moment to sail back to Port Elisabeth, Bequia.

Day 8

From Bequia, we would advise you to sail to Soufriere in St-Lucia and to stay overnight at the bottoms of the Pitons. Where you will have to pick a buoy for mooring. People from St-Lucia will offer you to take you to the hot water springs.

Day 9

You will sail leeward St-Lucia to Martinique, after crossing St-Lucia's chanel you will arrive to St-Anne in Martinique where you could anchor anywhere you like in the bay. Caritan to the south, in front of the town or even in front of the Club Med Holiday resort. All three are safe and quiet.

Day 10

Last breakfast onboard and return to Le Marin .